Global & Democratic Availability of Science

The Academiacs International Network® of scientists is convinced that in the 21st century, science should be available globally and democratically to all. This is, of course, regardless of the location and financial means. there should be no restriction and discrimination, and especially no fees either for the author for the reader , which may prevent or even exclude our colleagues from ongoing scientific discourse. In our opinion, such free access of and to science is not naive altruism. It is a basic matter of decency, essential for a functioning scientific exchange and discourse, and eventually for the success of of progress of global science.  

Originality of Scientific Research

 The Academiacs International Network®  cherishes the originality of scientific research, its authors and their scientific writings. In fine traditions with early publishing, it is therefore explicitly against the current process of refereeing which exceedingly distorts the originality of the authors and their research. We respect the right of authors to their works, and leave it to the entire scientific community, not some few anonymous, to comment in a transparent and wholly democratic manner.   

Academiacs International Repository "AIR"

The internet and other means of telecommunications, allow us to achieve these goals. to begin with, we have therefore to created the "Depository" which provides science entirely for free, directly from the author to the reader.    

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